rails for Sparco seat? - repost

Tessie McMillan tessmc at drizzle.com
Tue Jun 5 11:15:33 EDT 2001

Once more - since things tend to get buried on this HUGE list &:-):

I have a Sparco Torino seat that I can't use in my 911 for another year
(long story) and I'd like to put it in my '88 80 Quattro for a while.

The local performance tuner here, Speedware Motorsports, says they cannot
find a set of rails to fit the 80, but they can find them for the ....
5000? 100? I can't remember which.

My question is: has anyone ever fit a Sparco seat in an 80 Quattro (I
know, I know, *why* on earth would you want to), and if so, how did you do
it? With 5000 rails?


in Seattle, WA U.S.A. where she was the only Audi at the Alfa track day at
SIR on Sunday and even without straight-line power, managed to kick some
major bootie in the turns. Her 130 gerbils are still laid out flat on the
floor, panting from the exercise.

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