a really bad day-200q

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 12:29:56 EDT 2001

First the check engine light came on.  Bad #2 knock
sensor and air temp. sensor.  The air temp sensor
resistance reads low so the ECU thinks the air is ice
cold.  Anybody know where to get 1 and what they cost?
 Then I can't get any boost.  I look and there's oil
all over the top of the turbo.  Thought I blew the
turbo or the oil feed line was cracked at the joint. 
Turns out the MM hose blew a hugh hole in the bottom. 
I just checked it about 2 months ago.  Luckily I've
got another.  Finally the "surprise".  2nd stage fan
relay is burned up.  Bad!  The #87 term. was burned
right out of it.  Luckily it didn't waste the 4.0
white wire.  Maybe my resistor pack is shot?  The fan
motor doesn't show any resistance.  0.4 ohms.  I've
got another much newer fan anyway with the six blade
fan.  Maybe I'll just change both of them.  I guess my
run of really good luck is over.  I just hope this
isn't the start of some major problems.

Jim Accordino

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