Subject: Re: Linda @ Carlsen has retired!!

Michael A. Carr m_wdsllc at
Wed Jun 6 17:27:13 EDT 2001

I just happen to have her home email address so this may be a fairly
non-intrusive way to get in touch with her.

                         picgrig at


original message:
>How's this for an idea?  Some of our members are local to the Palo
>area.  If someone could manage to contact Linda and find her address
>be happy to contribute a few dollars toward the purchase and delivery
of a 
>nice bouquet with a note expressing our appreciation and telling her
>she will be missed.
>Anyone else?  Who is local out there?  Steve Bucholz?  Someone else?

Count me in, Robert.  A couple of years ago I brought in a 2 lb. box of 
Sees candy to thank the guys for all the great service they rendered. 
up a card and signed it with everybody's name who replied.  Worked out

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