FS:Coupe Quattro

Scott Wood s1wood at attglobal.net
Wed Jun 6 21:43:17 EDT 2001

Evening All,

I am interested in selling my 1990 CQ and was hoping to sell it to a
lister.  Car is 100% original with no track time.  Paint and body are very
good, interior is very good and everything works.  Car is licensed and
passes emissions with flying colors.  It is Black with tan interior.  Seat
heaters are functional, a/c is functional, etc.  Mileage is right at 150k
and it has been pretty well cared for (as much as I have time for).  Oil
changes are regular and done with Audi original filters and Mobil 1.  I
have all receipts and some extra oil filters as well as some other items. 
I have really been wanting to do the erS2 sort of thing, but don't see me
getting to that any time soon (just bought the wife a new car) and I really
need my Cherokee as a tow vehicle.  

If anyone is interested, I would like to hear from you.  I have owned a CQ
full time since 1991, as well as a lister for 4 or 5,  and enjoy it
immensely, but I am not a collector and three is really too many for my
driveway and garage.  As you can imagine, there is no problem with salt as
I have been in California (Bay area) and Charlotte for the past 6 years.

NADA high is 8550 and average is 7525.  I would give back to a lister 525
to 1550 in essence, because I think my rock bottom would be 7000.  It is
easy with me, no negotiating, I will give the extra back without the asking
by selling at a fixed price.  If anyone thinks this is a good enough deal,
let me know.

Also, I installed two new front CV joints and replaced the front control
arm bushings.  The rear probably need to be replaced, and I have the parts,
but haven't done them yet.

Call me or e-mail me for more details, etc.

day time phone:  704-388-6880
work e-mail:  scott.wood at bankofamerica.com  (easiest to reach me by e-mail)

Thanks folks.

Scott Wood
1990 CQ
Charlotte, NC

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