4kq downpipe question

Roa, Greg groa at Cinergy.com
Thu Jun 7 09:40:33 EDT 2001

I found a terribly easy way to do this while doing a clutch job on my 4kq.
I had the car up on a lift, so I was cheating a little...  Take a long
extension bar ~2 feet long, and put it on a swivel socket.  Impact swivel
sockets work best, but they are $$$$$.  If you fish the socket on up past
the catalytic converter to the downpipe bolts, you shouldn't have a problem.
There are 4 or five bolts, one of which is rather hard to see.  Other than
that, you need to disconnect the catalytic converter from the downpipe, and
the exhaust sampling tube.  Do those before pulling the downpipe from the
exhaust manifold though.
Oh, and use some penetrating oil on the bolts before you start, just to make
it a bit easier.  Shouldn't take very long at all.
Good luck!

Greg Roa
Cincinnati, OH
86' 4kcsq
93' 90 CS
83' 944

>Hey all,
>   I finally pin pointed the whisping sound coming from my 86 4k.   I was
>afraid that it was the head (it over heated a week ago) but I found a crack

>on my downpipe.    I was looking through the Bentley on the best way to 
>remove this but it doesn't say.    My question is how hard is it to replace

>a downpipe?    Is it strait forward?   It sure doesn't look like it is.   
>What am I going to have to move to get at this thing?
>86 4kcsq

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