Timing Belt part #

Duncan Thomson duncan at systemcontrols.co.nz
Fri Jun 8 14:51:03 EDT 2001

So, are all the 10v I5's non-interference?

mine's a 2.2L NA

'cos then I can wait 'til I've done some more important fixes without
stressing about smashing my engine due to timing belt disintegration...

and I _really_ like the look of that price :-)

> That part number is good on about every 5cyl, 10 valve VAG car from 84 to
> 89, thats why it is so cheap. Now call the Mitsubishi dealer and ask what
> belt for a quad cam v-6 3000gt is(145.55) As far as total cost goes,
> about right for a dealer. Where I work charges around 550, we replace the
> t.belt, cam and crank seals, and water pump, and drive belts if needed. I
> didn't see the threads on it, but I will say that with no air compressor,
> lift, tools, a little rust, and no experience it could be an all day
> project.  The good news is it won't bend valves if you do put it on wrong.

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