84 4Ks waterpump or waterpump with housing

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Jun 7 19:56:25 EDT 2001

Donald Lamond writes:
> I'm in the process of replacing my tb and notice that a lot of listers
> include a waterpump.  Sounds good to me, however when I looked at the
> TPC list of parts, they list it two ways.  With or without housing.  Is
> there any way of determining if a new housing is needed before the parts
> are ordered . This is my everyday car so I would prefer to have the
> parts on hand rather than have to wait for a second UPS shipment.
> Vehicle is a 1984  4Ks  completely stock and has the 1.8 JN engine.

On the 4-cylinder engines, it's actually easier to replace the whole
assembly (water pump + housing) than to replace just the water pump
itself.  There are less bolts to remove and only an o-ring need to be
replaced where the housing mounts to the block.  To replace only
the pump, you'd probably need to remove the housing anyway, as it is
really cumbersome to do it in-place.  Moreover you need to clean the
housing/pump mating surface and put a new gasket on.

Use only a good, German OEM replacement pump.  Some aftermarket pumps are
junk and won't last long.

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