Timing Belt part #, duncan

Clint F. stungun68 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 8 03:58:27 EDT 2001

Generally, they don't. I've never seen it happen on an audi or vw.  Turbo 
and multi-valve motors usually do. the best way to be safe is to remove the 
spark plugs, set the crank pulley and key way, or bolts back in (leave the 
cover off) and turn the engine over by hand at least two full crank 
revolutions(1 cam) it will spin over nice and easy, probably by hand. If you 
can't move it by hand, put the crank bolt in just snug enough to use a 
ratchet to turn the motor. A valve hitting will make a solid hit, don't 
force it to keep turning.
Officially, one manual I have says they bend valves, two say they don't.
If your marks are still on the money, take the crank pulley back off and put 
it all back together again.
One note, the initial turning of the crank will pull slack out of the belt 
you can't get by hand, so if your marks are on, and the belt is half a tooth 
off from fitting, rotate the crank backwards the half tooth.
VAG cam pulleys usually have more than one mark, same gear, different types 
of engines, a dab of paint on the cam gear, crank gear, and crank pulley 
help a lot here.

I just noticed, you aren't the original question asker.  If the NZ at the 
end of your e-mail means kiwi country, it might be a whole different 
scenario.  Call some local places first to find out.

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