84 4Ks waterpump or waterpump with housing

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Fri Jun 8 01:30:39 EDT 2001

I am so glad you listed the engine you have.  You will probably still
get eleventeen carefully written replies referring to the 5 cylinder. 
On the 5 cyl, the water pump is basically inside the engine, and that is
why we replace them when we do the 60k timing belt service - its only a
few more bolts to go to get to them, and it beats waiting for the WP to
leak to do the job again.

I believe the 4 cyl is slightly more civilised - your water pump is
driven by an external belt (right?) and is bolted to the engine where
you can get to it without a major teardown.  if I'm right, you don't
"need" to do it at the same time.

> I'm in the process of replacing my tb and notice that a lot of listers
> include a waterpump.  Sounds good to me, however when I looked at the
> TPC list of parts, they list it two ways.  With or without housing.  Is
> there any way of determining if a new housing is needed before the parts
> are ordered . This is my everyday car so I would prefer to have the
> parts on hand rather than have to wait for a second UPS shipment.
> Vehicle is a 1984  4Ks  completely stock and has the 1.8 JN engine.

Huw Powell



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