window issues...Low voltage?

Robert Blumel bernefj60 at
Fri Jun 8 09:41:59 EDT 2001

Ok guys, I'm having some real issues with my windows, etc

Vehicle is 1990 Audi 90,  Front wheel drive, automatic.  Ever since I had
the alternator replaced, My back windows won't work, My windshield washers
will barely squirt, cruise won't work, and the odometer quit.  The speedo is
in and out as well as the tach.

What's up?  The mechanic said the old one was overcharging before it died.
I can't find any burnt fuses, so I'm at a loss.  It's the right Bosch
alternator, we checked it twice, so please, nobody write me and try to sell
me another one from England.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'm realtime, so reply direct.

Rob Blumel
Bowie, MD
90 90 10v, FWD

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