window issues...low voltage?

Tex Terry, II texactii at
Fri Jun 8 14:18:32 EDT 2001

Robert  -  Have you or your mechanic verified that the GROUND from the
alternator is a GOOD one?  Sounds like you might have too high a resistance
on the ground side, which is robbing you of some power.  If you have to,
run a ground lead between the engine and the car body shell, and between
the alternator and the engine.  This has caused problems, in my past
experiences, similiar to your problem after changing the alternator.  As
Grant said below, try the windows using just the battery (engine not
running, but key turned to the "ON" or "RUN" position.  If your battery
lets the windows work, then I would definetly look at the ground side of
the circuits.  Tex.  83 5KT sedan (non-quattro).

> From: Grant Bessom <GBessom at>
> To: "'bernefj60 at'" <bernefj60 at>

> >>>>>> 
> Ok guys, I'm having some real issues with my windows, etc
> Vehicle is 1990 Audi 90, Front wheel drive, automatic. Ever since I had
> the alternator replaced, My back windows won't work, My windshield
> will barely squirt, cruise won't work, and the odometer quit. The speedo
> in and out as well as the tach.
> What's up? The mechanic said the old one was overcharging before it died.
> <<<<<
> In my experience, the alt, when it over charges, burns out alot of
> electrical things.  The fuses will only blow if they receive "over
> amperage".  It may have only overcharged by 10 volts making every device
> 24 volts instead of 13.  However, with a good battery, most of the
> you mention should operate fine when the eng is off.  Could it be that
> PO installed an aftermarket (re worked) higher amperage alt and now you
> installed the org amp alt?  Even if you think your battery is good, try a
> new one!
> Grant Bessom
> 86 Audi 5ktqcs 250k miles. chip/cam/lowered (most useful)
> 69 Beetle 2.0ltr stroked/cam/45mm Dellortos (not your fathers bug)
> 85 Audi 5ks, my first, bought it back for $80 (forsale)
> 82 Audi 4ks Diesel 375k+ miles, $free (can't wait till she runs)
> 80 Vanagon Westy
> Dulles VA (northern va)

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