additional help identifying NG-NF

David Glubrecht daveglu at
Fri Jun 8 19:33:05 EDT 2001

  I think I have found a NG or NF motor (forget which is which, but the one 
I want)
  Engine has been swapped once so positive identification is difficult.
  Engine has 84 intake maniflod on it, so this is not the one that takes the 
two piece manifold, right?
  Engine has a disconnected knock sensor, so likely it is a NG or NF?
  Engine has the reduced width base circle on the cam, indicating a newer 
  Engine was supposedly out of an 87 5k.
  What and where do I find head markings to identify that this is a large 
valve head?
  What and where do I find block markings to identify NG-NF.
  If I can positivly identify either,I don't need to identify the other as I 
am sure that it has not been apart.

  David Glubrecht
  88 GT 3.4 TDC

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