more 5kcstq alternator problems

auditude at auditude at
Sat Jun 9 23:31:43 EDT 2001

Okay, so I get a better, flush pullley for the 110a alternator I put in 
my '88 5kcstq.  I use the longer assembly bolts so I have 
something to bolt the air shroud to.  I even swap out the bakelite 
pieces so that I can put the shroud on without interference.

I figure out that I can't install the thing because my old belt is too 
short.  So I get a longer belt, by 1".  This is from the local.  
Checker auto chain store.

I get to drive the car again, excited about driving a chipped turbo 
car again, and also reminded of all the little things that are needing 
attention as well.  I had forgotten about them while it sat idle.

I drag raced somebody, and when I shifted hard from 1st to 2nd, 
the alternator belt bails out on me and is found later on the side of 
the road.

Not knowing what really happened, I put another new one on.  Both 
of these came from the same store, that doesn't necessarily cater 
to German or metric cars, although they did have the perfect 50mm 
diameter air duct hose for the alternator duct.  So the belts may 
have the wrong pitch or whatever, or be the wrong thickness.

After putting on the second belt, a friend notices that the belt sits 
kinda high in the pulley, compared to the other two belts.  Aha, 
maybe that's it.  So, I try to get a thinner belt, but they don't have 
on in that length.  Okay.

So, I go home and check the second belt again, only to find it is 
looser than before.  I figure it's stretched, so I tighten it again.  
Maybe the first one stretched too.

So I wash 'er up real nice like the good old days.  I try to drag race 
someone again, and the belt comes off!  What a pain.  I'm winning 
the races, but having to go home under battery power!

Please no flames on the racing, at least not public ones.

The pulley "vee's" seem to be the same as the other ones.  So, I'm 
thinking I need to locate a narrower belt.  Perhaps a German belt 
that is one 1" longer.  That'll be the next thing I try.  German belt, 
drace race.  If the belt stays, I guess that was it.

The belts that pop off display what looks like evidence that they are 
getting twisted and the wrong corner is riding in the pulley.  They 
are found inside out.

I'm pretty sure everything is darn tight when this happens.  I'm now 
an expert, pit crew, type of alternator technician.  I've been 
messing with this stupid thing all weekend.  Last weekend too.  
109 degree (F) AZ weather and a hot turbo engine compartment 
make for fun in the sun.  Not to mention the parking lot surface 

I can't imagine what could be hitting the belt and physically 
knocking it off.  I know that the alternator mount is also the engine 
mount, but it moves with the motor, and is bolted solidly to it.

Anyone have any ideas?  I could stop shifting hard, but that's not 
what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance,


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