I can do the 10th anniv. sticker .....

Audimobiles at aol.com Audimobiles at aol.com
Sun Jun 10 09:57:41 EDT 2001

    I've come across some small blank static cling plastic rolls for cheap 
and have been experimenting with ink prints that won't fade or come off on 
the window. After testing a "copied" Q-list decal in the sun for the past two 
days I'm proud to say I've found a cheap and high quality way to produce some 
decals (thanks also to that graphic design student of a friend). So if 
anybody has any decal design ideas, I'd be glad to make some prototypes and 
post pics of 'em. 2 colors would work best here and remember since this is a 
homebrew deal/favor - quantities will be limited. That is, if this is still 
being considered an idea for fund raising. Let me know, I'm willing to help.

    Dave Farrer
    '90 V8Q

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