Subject: window issues...Low voltage?

Devang lordoftheworld at
Sun Jun 10 15:44:07 EDT 2001

i have to disagree with you, joshua... the fuses in the fuse box would burn
out before any of the electrical systems do, you'll just have to get new
fuses if something peaks the voltage, and a good battery is the best thing
you can have to accompany the alternator, my  91 100 has one that's 655amps
at 0degrees and 850 at 32degrees... the biggest battrey i looked at in the
market for this car was 650 amps made by intersate/champion.... and when i
had alternator problems, the battery lasted me 70 miles, after the voltage
regulator went bad and the belt broke, i did have to get a jump to get it
started after i'd replaced both of those. and another thing, get an
alternator from either the junkyard($40) or the dealership($432)... DO NOT
get a rebuilt POS from autozone or oreilly's... trust me, it'll save you
plenty of time in uninstalling and installing the alternator. i bought one
from both of those places and they only made 13volts... i finally pulled
one out of a jetta GLi from the junkyard which has been running like a
charm for the past 400miles.
Devang M
91 100

Joshua Van Tol wrote:

> >i belieive its very difficult to blow anythig electrical from the
> >alternator as the battery acts as a buffer/damper if you like, now
> >if the battery is removed with the engine running it becomes very
> >easy to damage stuff.......
> Actually, if an alternator runs full blast, it'll boil all the
> electrolyte out of the battery, and then the voltage will creep up.
> And things will burn out. Usually the light bulbs will all be blown,
> the radio, engine computer, etc, all have a chance of going too.
> I've seen this particular failure several times, although not on audis.
> --
> Joshua Van Tol -- josh at

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