Oil Leak from Crankcase Breather Hose

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agreed, i ripped the breather system  out of my coupe gt, i rebuilt it by
connecting the crankcase to the cam cover with a tee piece in between that
went of to the airbox.  i have since improved this by making a collector pot
that has 2 inputs (1 from crankcase, 1 from cam cover) above the inputs is a
filter stack (to collect mist and let it seperate out). this mist then runs
back down to the crankcase. at the top of the collector a hose comes of
tothe airbox.  the pot will sit where the battery currently is.  looks real
racey too!!!
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>         Well, when I was driving my 16V Jetta to Florida, I noticed the
> thing.  On getting some advice from my VW specialist (NOT the dealer), he
> said that it was the PVC valve and had no real importance other then to
> evacuate fumes from the crank case back into the intake to be reburnt for
> pollution control (no importance, unless you're a tree huggin hippie that
> is).  Seeing as it had no real function, I pullled the hose off the
> and bought a small paint can that I attached just behind the front grill,
> and jammed the PVC hose into the hole in the top.
>         I had a very noticable increase in low end power.  My guess is
> it was due to having less uncombustable gases in the intake.
>         I did have to put a bottle of oil in after every 4 fillups though,
> and had to empty out the paint can every 1500 KM or so.  I drove the car
> like that for over a year.
> >     I have noticed ever since the boost has been on that there is a some
> oil
> > leaking around the crank breather hose port on the block.  I sniffed
> around
> > the web and noticed on SJM's site that the 20v has a special valve the
> > restricts how much vacuum goes through to the crankcase breather hose.
> When
> > the boost is on it sucks the oily fumey mess up into the breather hose,
> > engine never came with any restrictor valve of any kind.  Could the new
> > boost be sucking oil up and out?  Bad connection at the breather port,
> leaky
> > hose?  Something worse?
> >
> >     I have yet to check the airflow plate to see if there is any oily
> > there.  When I did the conversion I had to do a tiny bit of cleaning,
> there
> > was a tiny bit of carbon crud and oily yuck on the plate and surrounding
> > area, not much at all though.
> >
> > TIA!
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