Walkins Glen report, re: Coupe GT performance

Kwattro at aol.com Kwattro at aol.com
Mon Jun 11 02:04:18 EDT 2001

Funny that someone would post the performance question just when I get back.

Well, as just about everyone knows, my GT is quite heavily modified, and 
getting moreso all of the time.  I've got a warmed over 2.22 with a cam, 
tubular header and 2.5 inch exhaust minus kitty, a wicked suspension, a 
little lightening and some minor brake work.  The results?

I wasn't happy with the motor until I hit the Glen.  Suddenly, I'm pulling  
indicated 112mph up the straight!!!  That's up from 98mph (indicated) best in 
2000.  Corrected for tire size, I think it was 105 last year, and nearly 
120mph this year - not hard to believe, since my friends hotted 535is wasn't 
appriciably faster on the straight.  The car flew, and so did I - running in 
advanced group, I was pitted against 930's, a Viper ACR GTS (wowza), a 
plethora of highly modified M3's and M5's, a few C5's and C5 Z06's, and a few 
choice front drivers, also heavily modified - one SE-R and one GS-R Vtech.  
Needless to say, I was conservativly down 30hp on the SE-R and 60 on the 
V-Tech, and 320 or so to the Viper.  Not fair.  Got out there, though, and in 
6 run groups, I was passed by only a handful of cars - the Viper, a Cobra R, 
the Z06's, and a few of the really well driven E36M3's.  The 930 couldn't 
stick with me.  I was actually the running corner worker/instructor joke, as 
I passed cars with easily twice the horsepower, more tire, and more brakes.  
Not to gloat, but it must suck to be passed in your shiny new M3 by a 16year 
old fwd Audi.  With 215,000 miles.  He he.  No recorded times, but based on 
my friends' 535is, which ran several seconds faster than me last year and was 
several slower this, I'm guessing I was running around 2:35's.  Maybe a hair 
Highlight of the weekend 1 - In two consecutive run groups, I lapped a 968 in 
seven or less laps.  You do the math.  He didn't go in either time.  And yes, 
he was driving "on the edge" - my dad was his instructor one of the times.
Highlight of the weekend 2 - I had several instuctors come up to me and 
complement me on how well I was driving, and how I was really outdriving the 
other cars.  Nice.
Highlight of the weekend 3 - We were asked experience in the classroom, first 
day.  I have 13 or so track days total.  The next lowest in my run group was 
26.  Most people had over 30.  My instuctor said that I was capable of 
running the solo/very advanced group, but they go by days, not ability.  

And to top things off, nothing broke.  Of cosequence.  Couldn't run the 225's 
- too little clearance in front, so I have to get spacers, but I think 
they're going to work.  God, imagine what the car will be like with real 
tires.....and the 20V?   No one minus the Viper and the Z06's will be able to 
run with that car....

Any questions, feel free

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