4k manifold question

Tom B dr_hydro at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 12 14:27:00 EDT 2001

Hi Raj,
Removing the downpipe alone is not that hard, providing that you can get the 
downpipe nuts off of the exhaust manifold without "rounding" them. There are 
5 17mm self locking nuts, 1 of which is really hard to get at, that attach 
the downpipe to the em. You NEED to have a swivel and some long extensions, 
at least 18" to 24" worth, to get at these nuts. Lots of penetrating oil 
helps. Torches also help if you can get them in there :-)

Remove the test tube from the dp.

There is one bolt that goes to a mount on the tranny that is easy to get at 
that needs to be removed.

You then have three bolts that attach the downpipe to the catalitic 
converter that have to come off, these tend to be blobs of rust that need to 
be cut off. I use a hacksaw blade (PITA) or a cut off grinder (very easy 
:-)to remove these bolts.

This is a job that could be done with fairly basic tools in a parking lot, 
but you DO need to have the extensions and swivels.

As to removing the exhaust manifold, thats another story. There is lots of 
stuff on top/ side of the em that needs to be removed/moved just to get at 
the em bolts. Airbox, fuel distributer, intake manifold ? (I already had 
mine off as part of the head job, so I am not sure of this). The nuts on the 
bottom of the exhaust manifold can be next to impossible to get off (rusted, 
rounded off and very hard to get to), which in my case necessitated removal 
of the head with em and downpipe attached. As I was replacing my head, this 
did not bother me, but would probably bother you :-)

You might find it easier to remove the bottom nuts on the em if you first 
remove the starter and the engine mount along with the bracket that attaches 
the engine mount to the block. This might (?) give you enough room to get 
the bottom em nuts off with vice grips if necessary.

You do not mention why you are removing the downpipe, is it cracked? If so 
could it be removed, welded, and then replaced, anyone have a btdt? Or maybe 
even welded while still in place? I cannot understand why the dealer in your 
area can not find a dp that fits, I seem to remember that thepartsbin.com 
had a dp for my '87 4kq for $129................

Hope this helps :-)
Tom B

>Hi there, hope all went well with your manifold project. I've gotta ask 
>just how tough is it to change the EM and downpipe?  I need to do mine, but 
>live in an apartment, plus only have basic tools, obviously no power tools. 
>  Should I even bother trying?  I actually only need the downpipe, but the 
>local dealer said they could not find the right downpipe for my EM, they 
>tried 3, and none fit??? Now I'm stuck with changing both parts.  I took it 
>to an audi specialist guy, he said he would do it for 600 bucks plus parts! 
>  I don't think I can afford going that route...
>Any info would be appreciated, Thanks!
>Raj AUDIocee
>Cleveland, OH

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