Robert Myers robert at
Tue Jun 12 14:48:00 EDT 2001

Hi y'all,

While walking (on Gatewood Road outside of Fayetteville, WV) between our 
new home under construction and our old one (soon to be for sale) I was 
passed by a black 5K with a high trunk mounted wing (ala an early 60's 
Plymouth if you remember those).  The wing was somewhat startling but the 
car looks pretty sharp.  I waved.  The driver waved back.  He was probably 
either wondering why I waved since my S6 was away with my better half or 
simply was returning the wave of one of those friendly country folk we have 
so many of in these parts.  :-)

Lister?  If so, please make yourself known.

  Robert L. Myers   304-574-2372
  Rt. 4, Box 57,  Fayetteville, WV 25840 USA   WV tag Q SHIP
  '95 urS6  Cashmere Grey - der Wunderwagen    ICQ 22170244

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