exhaust tips - end

Dave Hord spokes at mail.the-wire.com
Wed Jun 13 00:05:03 EDT 2001

I have mailed off all the exhaust tips I had orders for.

Gentlemen, check your email boxes.  Two guys still owe me their addresses.

As for the rest of the dual tips, I've sold them to a muffler shop...though ten 
of those are only tentative...I will re-issue them if they don't sell.

As for the others I said I would put on the list...I'm afraid I'm just too busy 
at this time. I'm not able to properly serve the audi-list community in a 
timely fashion with them all.

Once the summer is in full swing (in a few weeks) I'll put up on the list 
anything I have left.

If anyone was really desperate for a tip (either dual or single) feel free to 
email me, just know that I might not be able to ship for a couple of weeks.


89 90q  283,009 - Reving up, going no-where.

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