5 bolt wheel conversion for 1988 80q

blarson at zeiss.com blarson at zeiss.com
Wed Jun 13 13:52:29 EDT 2001

I am interested in switching my 1988 80q to 5 bolt wheels from a 5000tq.  I am
planning on using the brakes, hubs, and rotors, and wheels from a 5ktq.  Has
anyone done this yet?  the car has 4000q style control arms front and rear, 2
piece front struts, and 1 piece rear struts if that makes any difference.  I am
trying to standardize wheel bolt patterns between several cars, and also upgrade
to larger brakes before my upcoming turbo conversion.  Also, has anyone
corrected their speedometers going from 14" to 15" tires.
Thanks for the help,

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