Radar Detectors--what do you recommend? - not radartest.com again

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Wed Jun 13 15:05:17 EDT 2001

The V1 is still the king, despite http://www.radartest.com.  The tests on
that website are not relatively recent, and if you were to check C&D's
most recent evaluation of radar detectors (written post 1995), the V1
still always wins hands down due to the locator (front, sides, rear)
which you will not find on any other radar detector (patented) and the
bogey counter, plus good performance on all bands.

According to http://www.valentine1.com/lab/V1Hater.asp (an article about
the sole author of radartest.com) there is more than plain jane journalism
to the articles you see on radartest.com.  And independent 'zines like C&D
still support the V-1, as do most of your q-list brethren.

'91 200q20v mit V-1

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