upper boost limit for stock MC-1 internals?

Burl Vibert blur at sympatico.ca
Wed Jun 13 22:17:13 EDT 2001

Ken Keith wrote:

> My 5kcstq current reads about 12psi on the Autometer gauge.
> That seems to convert roughly to 0.8 bar above atmospheric.  Btw,
> I have a little unit conversion program, and bar and atmosphere are
> two different things.  Atmosphere is given as 14.50377psi and bar
> is 14.69595psi.  Are our bars, bars?

Yes, our bars are bars, as long as you can get a Guinness in them.
Most people just either round 1 bar up to equal 1 atm or don't know
that they are not related.

BTW, you transposed the numbers.

Burl Vibert
1987 5kcstq
Kingston, Ontario

(I just wrote my instrumentation final yesterday)

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