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Ti Kan ti at
Wed Jun 13 23:36:52 EDT 2001

Burl Vibert writes:
> If you're shifting at 3k you don't need or want a turbo.  A NA car
> will have better torque at low RPM due to the higher compression and a
> turbo car only starts to make power at 3k.

That statement applies to older turbo engines.  All the newer generation
VW and Audi turbos since about 1991 and up have had a ruler flat torque
curve and achieves maximum torque at less than 2000 rpms or so.

Now, that's not to say that one shouldn't rev those turbos.  My neu-S4's
engine just now having been broken in is really starting to shine.  It
LOVES to be revved.  In 2nd or 3rd gear the rpms can climb from idle
to redline in a a couple of heartbeats, accompanied by a jet airplane
sort of acceleration.  Very very satisfying, and the car makes it seem
so effortless...

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