start-up problem

Devang lordoftheworld at
Thu Jun 14 03:40:04 EDT 2001

hi, my audi has had this problem for a while, i finally have some time
and money to spend on it now though, everyday when you start it up, it
dies (starts up fine, goes up to 700rpms, and one second later dies,
after being running for about 2 seconds), so... you have to hit the
accelerator at the right time after it starts and get it up to 2-3000
rpms, and hold it there for 15-20 secs... everything warms up, it runs
like a charm after that, what could it be? i've narrowed it down to the
cold start valve, but some people i've talked to here say it could be
the fuel pump, but i doubt that since i've been driving around fine even
at 5500rpms at 115mph for about an hour (during my senior year spring
break, when i took a roadtrip down to south padre, texas, a nissan
altima and a lexus gs400 and me(audi 100), took turns taking the lead
going 105-115mph)....there's something for a story, anyway its just the
first 20 secs or so after the cars been not running for 7-8hrs when you
have to let it warm up. i don't consider this a problem, i wouldn't but
it is fuel injected and its not supposed to have the problem, anyone
else think its something else? thanks

Devang M
91 100 89k

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