adjustable WG cap mod, & other incremental increases

Ken Keith auditude at
Thu Jun 14 11:14:49 EDT 2001

Thanks for everyone's replies regarding 15psi on stock internals for 
a street car.  That's the direction I'm leaning for the 5kcstq.

I have noticed an increasingly louder ticking noise, especially in the 
morning.  It's probably the exhaust manifold coming away from the 
head.  I hope it's not pulling the threads out of the head.  I believe 
my engine mount, heat shield, and air duct are all okay.

So, if the WG cap adjustability mod only changing cracking point 
and not max boost, then that only leaves WG controller hose 
modifications, like a bleeder or closed loop pneumatic relief valve 
mods, to actually increase the boost.  I prefer the relief valve 
method over the bleeder type, since you can control minimum 
boost.  I'd need another valve to reduce the pressure to control max 

First in line should be the bypass valve I think.  Now that I have a 
garage again, I can start moving toward that.

OK, I'm sending this now.


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