adjustable WG cap mod, & other incremental increases

Ken Keith auditude at
Thu Jun 14 14:25:51 EDT 2001

(Since it's not a personal thread, I'm copying this back to the list.)

So, the failure mode for single piece MC EM's is actual cracking?!  
I remember hearing about warpage, but I don't recall mention of 
cracking.  I'll have to look into that.

Maybe the warpage I've always seen referred to was the Dialynx 

It would be nice if the Dialynx unit was cast in, what is it called, 
Iconel?  The stuff that RS2 manifolds are made of.  Isn't that 
supposed to be more warp-resistant?

Let's say it's possible for the manifold to be made in Iconel instead 
of whatever it's made out of.  Would it then warp as it does now?  
Okay, let's say it wouldn't warp.  Is it likely that Dialynx could and 
would cast it with that material?  Speculation galore, I know.



On 14 Jun 2001, at 21:07, Gerard wrote:
> > I have noticed an increasingly louder ticking noise, especially in the
> > morning.  It's probably the exhaust manifold coming away from the
> > head.  I hope it's not pulling the threads out of the head.  I believe
> > my engine mount, heat shield, and air duct are all okay.
> The exhaust manifold is most likely cracked up badly. Mine was. The
> later manifolds were supported by a arm which I think was connected to
> the head. You might also want to make sure there's some sort of flex
> joint or knuckle where the downpipe joins the exhaust tubing. I've been
> told in the past that as the engine twists on its mounts the leverage of
> the length of the exhaust system gets applied to the exhaust manifold.

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