Dropping DRIVESHAFT (not diff) for emerg. brake cable replacement

Barton Oleksy barto at nait.ab.ca
Thu Jun 14 20:44:15 EDT 2001

Dennis, I had made a mistake in my first message on this - the shop
suggested dropping the *driveshaft*, not the differential.  It was my
poor memory and lack of knowledge about such things that caused me to
say "differential".

I have a question about blower motor replacement as well as looking for
a throttle position sensor (throttle 'switch'?) for my '91 200Q, but
I'll put that in a separate message.


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In a message dated 6/13/2001 10:25:51 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
ttiholov at rodeo.sd27.bc.ca writes:

<< > Also need new rear calipers and both emerg. brake cables replaced.
 > shop says they usually take the differential out to replace the

 I beg your pardon?  What shop is that?  Suggestion: ask Terry at Euro
 how he does that, you can mention my name...
I just replaced the cables on my 83 URQ, and only removed the wheels.
Fortunately the adjusting nut at the "Y" yolk was not seized. The
suggests dropping the driveshaft, but I was able to accomplish the task
very little hassle. I found it to be one of the better designed
I've had to deal with to date.
Dropping the rear diff would be a _major_ waste of effort.


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