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Jouko Haapanen joukoh at sympatico.ca
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Aaahh, Gutmann Weizen on a hot summer day in the Altmühl valley,
watching Audis drive by and glancing at one's own parked in the sun.
Thanks for the post, Tom.  It is nice to reminisce...


Gutmann, good things come from Titting.

Jouko Haapanen

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> Hi all,
> Just a brief report of our trip to Ingolstadt, from which we've
> yesterday. We've traveled 2323 km from Zeist, NL to Ingolstadt and
> around in the surrounding area (with trips to Zwickau for the August
> museum and to Leipzig). Our group consisted of nine persons, two
CGTs, one
> UrQ, one 200 Avant q, one 90 and one Nissan 200SX (hey, it needed
> and it's the ideal Autobahn car). No breakdowns, just great driving.
> If you're ever able to visit Germany, be sure to take in Ingolstadt
and the
> fabulous new Museum Mobile. A very avantgarde building with a superb
> high-tech presentation and immaculately restored milestone cars and
> motorbikes from the history of Auto Union and NSU, superb multimedia
> presentations and working models of many technical innovations. Lots
> motorsport history, from rally and racing. All famous prototypes are
> like the Avus quattro, the quattro Spyder and the proposed
> Group B car. There's a display with cars on shelves which rotate
> the building with the help of a chain construction, very ingenious
> beautiful). A car which most of us wanted to have most was the '89
V8 Avant
> one-off made for Herr und Frau Piech for their personal transport,
> beautiful and unique. Although we'd seen it before, the factory tour
> pretty interesting as well. We saw the pre-production series of the
> forthcoming A4 Avant (due out in September) being made, with lots of
> adjustments to the production line and hand fettling.
> As ever, the surrounding terrain contained lots of superb cars (Audi
> opened up the square in front of the delivery centre for our cars
and drove
> a Sport quattro out of storage for the occasion). Lots of A8Ls
> the new 6.0 W12), several allroads, RS4s (including the new RS4
> specs forthcoming) and even a pre-production RS6 (geez, that's one
h*ll of
> a powerful-looking car!). The TT is about as common in Ingolstadt as
the VW
> Golf is here in Holland. We checked out Audi Sport's headquarters
(not open
> to the public, but the great Le Mans transporter was in the yard)
and paid
> a visit to Hohenester tuning, famous for their extraction of lots of
> horsepower from 5-cylinder engines in the '80s. Their trophy-laden
> was interesting, as was their yard with a Sport quattro in for
> an S6 and two superb 200q20vs (which seem to be held in high regard
> Germany, as the ones we've seen were mostly in as-new condition).
> We had to give up our plans for camping in the Altmuehl valley near
> Ingolstadt due to bad weather, though the small hotel we found was
> excellent substitute. Later in the week when weather improved, we
> camping anyway.
> Though logic and fuel prices dictated that we travel together to
events, in
> the end the superb roads around the Altmuehl valley were so enticing
> each just took his own car. It's just impossible to describe the
> roads there, lots of curves and steep hills, superb driving. We
found out
> the my brother's Nissan 200SX runs off the speedo at 240+ kmh full
> no place like Germany for high-speed driving.
> Unfortunately, we found the Neckarsulm plant (A2, A6, A8) closed on
> the journey to and from Ingolstadt, I would've enjoyed another tour
> as well.
> Anyway, it was a lot of fun for a bunch of total Audi nuts, sensory
> overload when driving though the Altmuehl valley and drinking huge
> of excellent local beer. Highly recommended!
> I'll scan the best pics when they've been developed and put them up
on the
> web for anyone interested.
> Tom
> (trying to adjust to driving slowly on boring roads)
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