Looking for an Audi 90 Coupe quattro

Frank de Kat fdekat at sentex.net
Fri Jun 15 11:08:47 EDT 2001

Hello All...

It looks like trying to find cars is popular lately. 
This request is for a friend of mine, Andrew Miller, who is looking for a
90 quattro coupe.
He says it's that, or a BMW 318.  *I'd* rather he didn't go there..

Anyway, if you have any ideas of such a car, or ideas where to look for
such a car, please let HIM know.. (For example, someone mentioned a dealer
'KAR' lately?).

Andrew can be contacted via email at amiller at aminnovations.on.ca

He is located in southern Ontario, but it looks like that model can be
imported into Canada without too many problems. 


Frank de Kat 
fdekat at sentex.net   
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

Audi 4000CSq (x2 !)
(To see "The Rally Pictures")

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