5ktqw A/C leaks

sjensen at mindspring.com sjensen at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 15 18:10:02 EDT 2001

Once again, the A/C spirits have visited one of my 5k's, this time the TQW.

On the last oil change I noticed a bit of oil on the bottom of the compressor, and since I have nuked two compressors in the past on the sedan due to lack of oil, I took the car to a recommended shop nearby.  The mechanic put the freon sniffer near the front seal and found nothing, but found leaks near the manifold and the discharge hose from the compressor to the condenser.  System blows cool, not cold, and comp. is not noisy, mechanic (w/14 years exp.) wants to pull the compressor and reseal the manifold and replace the hose.  Says the compressor itself is good.

I realize the system is 14 years old so I expected some leaks, my question is: has anyone successfully re-sealed a compressor manifold?  BTDT's appreciated.

If I had the gauges, a vaccuum pump and a R-12 recycler, I would try this myself; but unfortunately that ain't the case.  Just trying to stay cheap and under the wife's financial radar...

-Steve Jensen
87 5kcstq
87 5kcstqw

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