brake lines problem

chris franz cr4ck3r at
Fri Jun 15 22:09:23 EDT 2001

Ok...So I changed the pads on my 86 4000q.    The back went well and the 
front was ok except I lost a lot of brake fluid (had trouble speading the 
caliper so I opened the brake line to relieve the pressure).   Added more 
brake fluid and tried to pump the pedal to push the air out of the line.    
Pumped for a while and figured I got it all so I refitted the line.   Now I 
don't have any pressure in my braking system.   Pedal is pushed to floor 
with little resistance.    I figure that I still have air in my lines but I 
don't know the correct procedure for removing it.    Can some one tell me 
what to do?    Thanks in advance.
86 4000cs quattro
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