Brake questions (kinda long)

Konstantin Bogach kbogach at
Sat Jun 16 15:37:50 EDT 2001

Yes, you have to re-bleed RR caliper.  I just looked at Bentley: is says "force
it by pumping brake pedal".  I quess the vizibleeder has a check valve and in in
this case it is normal if you have to force pedal to return.  I don't have
experience with such bleeders and don't know how they can screw up things.
I assume that you have brakes working before so, I don't suspect MC. Am I right
or I missed something?

Konstantin Bogach.

Mihnea Cotet wrote:

> Hi!
> Thanks for the quick answer!
> In fact for the bleeding, I used a VIZIBleed tool, with a valve at the end
> of it that makes the bleeding a one man job (they say that it's not
> necessary to keep the pedal pressed when closing the bleeder screw and so I
> did, as I was alone), so no pressure bleeding for me...what do you think?
> One more thing, what's the exact clutch bleeding procedure, as I wasn't sure
> of that but it works...I put the Vizibleed thing on the bleeder screw,
> opened the screw, pressed the pedal, took it up myself as it won't go up by
> itself (is this normal?) then closed the bleeder screw (no air bubbles in
> the tube)...I think the clutch engages a little lower than it used to before
> (about 1cm from the floor, which is low! before it was 2 cm) Could this be
> because of the one-man operation stuff? Or would this be because of a bad
> master/slave cylinder?
> Do I have to rebleed the RR caliper after doing it once and the others?
> Anyway, thanks again for your answer!!
> Mihnea
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