Quick 20v turbo Question

Jukka Majanen jiipm at sci.fi
Sun Jun 17 02:18:18 EDT 2001


Jonas and Javad wrote:

>> OK, so I'm putting together the pieces for my 20v turbo 
>> project into the CQ. >>

> Good, good...

I agree :)

>> I've sourced the exhaust manifold, and I have a question about the turbo. 
>> Is it just a KKK turbo? Will any KKK turbo mate up to the EM, or are there
>> different hot-side bolt patterns? Will the KKK K03 from a 1.8t bolt up? 

> Any K-24/26 will bolt up, the 24 will give better low end power and respone, 
> the 26 will allow high RPM power, the 3B comes with a 24, a 24 will cost you 
> about 5 times as much as a k26 off an MC

After testing those two turbos in MC engine, I can say You don´t want that K 26.
K 24 is capable for 250 Hp without any turbine side blade modifications and after
it much more. K 26 ( big one ) has bigger turbine side, but smaller compressor 
side and it will have bad effiency after 3B´s 220, maybe before. Also You need that
later Euro 10v (and 20v) single pass IC, do not take that U.S. 10v dual pass.

>> The Intake manifold is expen$$$ive, but if the turbo fits under the 20v NA manifold, 
>> then I don't mind using it. Will the new injectors fit in the stock IM...

> It should fit, you will have to figure out all the induction yourself instead of using 
> the stock 3B parts.  The 7A  injectors will not fit in a 3B fuel rail, the top uses a much 
> larger oring than the 3B. 

Yeah the turbo will fit, but the wastegate doesn´t, it has to be moved. Also 7A injectors
should be replaced to 3B:s...So You need that IM IMO...

>> Also, if anyone has a set of NG or NF pistons sitting around, I'd be interested
>> in buying them. With or without rods. >>

> I would buy the whole bottom end, trying to refit used pistons is kinda a gamble.

That is right and makes me asking Jonas; why not a complete 3B swap, or a low
pressure turbo system, when You can have all Your ECU, injectors etc...
All You need is a new modified header and a turbo ( maybe Garret T3 with integral
WG ) and some exhaust plumping. Of course hp:s will be very limited...


former ´91 20v cq owner ( spent lots of hours in planning swap or mods )
now drivig a ´90 100tqw with 1.1 Bar ( 2.1 absolut ) and waiting for my
20v S-project next year

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