How to tell the diff. between 20v and 10v 200Q?

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Sun Jun 17 02:21:35 EDT 2001

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>> I'm just assuming mine's the 10-valve, but what's the quickest way
>> to
>> tell by looking somewhere?  (Manual's on the way from Audi USA...)
> open the hood and you'd know it.. but as far as the body, if you have
> flared
> fender lips, then its a 20v.
> chris

Once again for Europe only, there were 1989 models that had the flared
fenders but did not have the 20V engine. These also had the small Euro
bumpers, while all 20V got the larger US styled bumpers.

Also a "sport" edition of the 1988-89 100 that had the flared fenders. I
believe, IIRC, that is the very model that Jens Rösner is the proud
owner of.

92 Cabrio 2.3E

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