How to tell the diff. between 20v and 10v 200Q?

Barton Oleksy barto at
Sat Jun 16 21:29:53 EDT 2001

Burl Vibert wrote:

> Barton Oleksy wrote:
> >
> > I don't really ENJOY coming across as a complete newbie, but it seems I
> > can't help it...
> >
> > I haven't come across this info, and one official-looking specs web page
> >
> > didn't mention the 10-valve 200Q for my year, 1991.
> >
> > I'm just assuming mine's the 10-valve, but what's the quickest way to
> > tell by looking somewhere?  (Manual's on the way from Audi USA...)
> Hi Bart
> I seem to recall that the 20-valve turbo never made it to Canada, only
> the 10-valve.  So that's probably what you have.  Others have
> mentioned how to tell the difference.
> Burl Vibert
> 1987 5kcstq
> Kingston, Ontario

Burl, you're absolutely right.  I neglected to make it clear to everyone that
I'm in Canada, and this is almost certainly a "Canadian" import.  Sorry to
take up people's time on this but I hadn't seen anything indicating the
difference between U.S. models and Canadian ones, so I didn't think of the

One other difference I noted in the past was in the 5000 series, where the
Turbo (non-Quattro) model in the U.S. is noted as a 5000CS, but in Canada it's
the 5000CD.  Anyone know of a list of other differences between Audi models in
the U.S. and Canada?

Thanks to all who replied...


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