2-piece EM info, webpage [repost]

Phil Payne phil at isham-research.freeserve.co.uk
Sun Jun 17 10:29:32 EDT 2001

Don't understand the web page.

035 129 591CE brings up what Audi calls a "supersession" and points to 035 129 591CF.  This, in its turn, produces an 'obsolete, no
replacement, you could try ..." and points to the two-part manifold.

However, an ETKA system note is displayed (dated 10/92) stating that this is only valid for the Type 44 - the Type 85 points back to 035 129 591BC.
I think our friend (and perhaps his Audi dealer) missed this note.

The WR's manifold (035 129 591BC) is still available.  The confusion may be because the MB's manifold has been discontinued - it was the
same as the one-piece factory fitted to the MC-2 engine.  The solution to this problem, BTW, is to fit a WR manifold to the MB and plug the hole with N 016 153 1 and N 013 832 6.

There's one very good reason for not fitting the two-piece manifold to the WR (apart from the cost and total spuriousness) and that is that it simply doesn't fit.  Yes - you _can_ ding the downpipe in about 7mm - but just take a look at where you're doing it.  You cause a serious distortion right in the path of a high-speed
rotating gas flow, just millimetres downstream of the axis of the turbo outlet.


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