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Sun Jun 17 12:38:05 EDT 2001

I just purchased a 97 A4q2.8 from an insurance auction.   There was some rear 
end body damage, and the vacuum pump, which sits in the right quarter panel, 
was damaged.  I've had the body repaired, but I have a perplexing electrcal 
problem remaining.  

The vacuum pump line was apparently severed in the accident and the vacuum 
pump ran on until it seized from overheating.   I've reploaced the vacuum 
pump, but it still won't run; nor do the windows or sun roof work.  I've 
checked the fuses and they all appear functional.  I'm wondering if there is 
a relay that might be common to all three of these functions that may have 
failed.  Does anyone know the answer concerning the relay, or have any other 

Also, my clutch master cylinder appears to have given out.  Is it possible to 
do a quick rebuild of the clutch master cylinder with a seal kit?  


Rob Greger
88 80q, 93 90CS, 97 A4q2.8

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