Need a taker for my 89 200 quattro 10 V this week!

Colin Barfoot cbarfoot1939 at
Sun Jun 17 20:24:09 EDT 2001


To those who have already expressed interest and any others who would like
to have the car:
Please make an offer > $500 CDN (>330 $US) to come and take away my quattro
from Owasco Audi in Whitby Ontario.

It cost me $500 CDN for the mechanics labour to remove the exhaust and take
out the transmission to find out what was wrong.  The parts list while long
in fact consists of 3 things: 1. Clutch kit, 2. flywheel 3, transmission
main shaft and pieces.  So if you can put your hands on a use transmission
and flywheel - an get a non- dealer supplied clutch your parts costs would
be <$500 for the repair.  And since the transmission has been removed (it is
in the trunk) half of the hard part is already done!

If I had space and time - or was back in NB where I have a good (inexpensive
mechanic with a source for used parts) I would be fixing the car myself!

Details on the car:
1989 200 quattro 10V 315,000km (torsen center diff) Mobil 1 for at least the
last 100,000km  used 1 Litre of oil/ 7000km.
Alcantra with leather trim plus real wood and "new" style dash - original
audi casette stereo - rear headphone jacks work.
turbo bypass (new valve 1 month ago)
Schrapknell Knobben (TM) run at 16 psi boost ~ 200-220 BHP (- see arcives)
110 amp rebuilt alternator - in November
Air conditioning converted to R134 - leak tight and lots of cold air < 1
month ago.
everything including all power features work - though the cruise control
switch gives intermittent performance.
car has trailer hitch - though I removed the electronics.
front tires are worn out from lapping day at Mosport rears are fine.
full size spare.

The car is located at Owasco VW-Audi in Whitby Ontario ~ 30km East of
Toronto just off the 401 highway.

I can have the car towed up to 100 km - via CAA "to a garage where I can get
it fixed..."

I can install the turbo bypass and transfer the Schrapknell Knobben (TM) to
your Audi - (my time to be negotiated)

How to contact me:
1. reply to this email cbarfoot1939 at
2. email me at work colin.barfoot at
3. phone me: 905-683-7971 (apartment) or (905)-839-1151 ext 5243 (work)
please leave a message if I am not there!

I will take time off if needed to meet someone at the dealer.

Thank you

Colin Barfoot

89 200 quattro
90 VW Corrado G60 - fun - but rough over bumps Autocross car.
Leased Nissan Maxima SE Anniversary Edition - fun - but it ain't no Audi!

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