FS '86 4000Q (Chicago)

Bill Elliott wcelliot at concentric.net
Sun Jun 17 20:13:43 EDT 2001

There's always a story...here's mine...

Back in '99 I decided I should use a 4kq as a daily driver and save my
UrQ.  I found a very solid '86 4kq in northern Virginia. Met;llic black,
120k, original paint, black leather, alarm, phone, fresh a-arm bushings,
etc.  Bought it and drove it to Wisconsin... the trip was uneventful
except for the rusty exhaust coming apart on me. I substituted the nice
exhast off of my '84 4kq parts car.

I bought a set of Blizzacks and mounted them on 5kt rims and used it for
one winter. The cruise and AC didn't work and the trip computer was
intermittent. There was a slight exhaust leak at one of the cat
convertor donuts.. I bought a new one but never put it on.

Cosmetically, the car has some dings and scratches, but no rust (other
than simple surface rust).  The paint's original, so no hidden
surprises. All the windows and sunroof worked.  The interior is nice
except for the driver's bolster which is worn through.

Then I decided that this would make a fine first car for my teenager
(once he brought home a "B" average which was the deal for him to get
his license).  I replaced the brake master, front brake pads, rear pads
and rotors, a couple of rear subframe bushings. Then a tune up, timing
belt,  water pump, etc... everything to make it a reliable car for him.
The car now has 126k on it.

So all this was done in early 2000 and the car has sat since then.
Nowhere close to a "B" average has been seen until now... and the kid's
now 17 and has decided he'd rather have an Impulse RS we found with a
cracked head.  So, we bought the Impulse and decided to sell the 4kq.

I went out today to bring it out of hibernation. I was very
discouraged... two of the doors are now stuck, the battery's dead (no
surprise there), and, for the first time ever, it won't start. It was
the best running Audi I've ever owned... must be something simple...

I don't really have the time or energy to deal with it... too many
projects and 2 more  LBC cars currently on the way from the UK.

So, if somebody wants it "as is", they can have it for $1000 (firm)...
less than 1/3 of what I have in it. That includes the car, the decent
all season tires on the stock rims, the Blizzacks on the 5kt rims, a new
AC condensor ($250), the remnants of the '86 exhaust, and the remaining
bits (fuel distributor, alternator, dizzy, etc) from the '84 parts car.
No pix right now...

I also have a new set of Mangels 4x108, 15x7 rims with brand new
Sumitoma HT100 195/60/15 H-rated tires. Never mounted on a car. $500.
Pix at: http://www.concentric.net/~Wcelliot/Rims/

Or both for $1400. I can even provide delivery for $1/mile. If I get no
interest from the list, I'll make the car run again, clean it up, and
put it on Ebay.  But it will never be this cheap again...

Bill Elliott
Lake Barrington, IL

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