MY 5ktq for sale....

Beatty, Robert BeattyR at
Mon Jun 18 09:19:07 EDT 2001

Looking to sell my 87 5ktq....

Located in Woonsocket, RI

Car is Tornado Red with Black interior.  Exterior is in good shape, hood has
a few chips in the paint from the sand and rocks of the winter.  Rear bumper
cover is sagging a bit as it was taken off by PO and not put on correctly.
I have a replacement bumper (in grey) for it.  Car was painted by MAACO last
April so aside from a few small scratches here and there from people in
parking lots, its in great shape.

Interior is in good shape.  Small (2") crack in dash above instrument
cluster at the heater port.  Both front seats coming apart at seams, PO
attemted to use fishing line to sew them back together and its coming apart
again.  Right rear door needs a new insert/cover for the handle.  Radio is
an alpine 2 channel unit that I havent yanked yet.  I bought a 4 channel
radio from Ebay to install, havent gotten to it yet.  No other damage in the


Timingbelt/waterpump/head gasket done last July.  Almost all the vacuum
hoses are replaced with new.  Has relays installed for headlights, have
NONTURBO euros installed currently, but not sure if i want to sell them with
the car.  ALL bushings replaced under car for the suspension including
subframe, front and rear control arms as well.  New right side motor mount
last July as well.  Car is chipped by SMJ (1.8 bar spring) and has line
installed for a boost gauge to the A pillar.  Intercooler is strapped and
has new IC hose as well.  Has a new radiator.  New tie rods and alignment
done in November along with a new clutch.  Has new front and rear shocks.
New G-60 calipers with ATE slotted rotors in front.  Pads are good all the
way around the car.  Have 6 A6 16" wheels I might sell with the car as well.

Problems with car...

Needs front control arm as the bushing is sliding inside its mount on the
left side.

Flywheel is missing a tooth causing the motor to constantly retard ignition.
I have replacement flywheel just havent installed yet.

Muffler has pin holes in it.

Transmission is making a slight growl when on the highway.  Its caused by
the shifter linkage being slightly bent and contacting the body under the
center console.  I have replacement linkage and when flywheel gets done this
would be the idea time to replace this as well.

AC is not currently charged, have a spare condenser to go with the car.
Compressor spins but dont know extent of leak(s) or locations.

Steering rack leaks, have replacement as well.

A/C blower needs to be replaced or have brushes redone.  I have replacement
blower, havent installed yet. 

I have done all the work myself with my dad assisting on some of it so I
know its done correctly.

Car runs great and is a rocket even with the flyheel tooth missing.  I could
be motivated to install all the parts if the purchaser was serious and
wanted it done.  

Looking to get 2500$ or best offer.  I dont have pictures currently but if
your seriously interested i could come up with some.

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