re. flywheel (to lightnen or not)

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at
Mon Jun 18 09:38:06 EDT 2001

[Looks like I finally get to put a NF in my 4kq.  I have been trying to =
kill (unsuccessfully) my motor.  I have run it hard and not been overly =
religious about changing oil.  I also thought that it would be worn out =
my now (~270k miles) but it still runs great (damn thing).
I have also known that I will be needing a clutch for a while and as =
long as I need to do a clutch, I might as well do a motor swap.
The question is (keeping in mind that my wife drives the car mostly) =
should I use the newer lighter flywheel.  How much difference is there?  =
Thanks to the heavy flywheel and the low end torque, I was able to get =
my wife to drive a stick (she wanted an auto).
I wouldn't mind a bit better throttle response, but I don't want to =
loose the extremely easy to drive (and almost impossible to stall) =
characteristic of the car.
  Dave G]

So that's what I have to do - kill the clutch.  SSDW (same story different

Yes either lighten the flywheel, or use a 200 Q flywheel, PP and clutch.

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2 - 4KQs with ~ 150k and haven't been able to break the motors

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