Got ur-q to fire today

Burl Vibert blur at
Mon Jun 18 17:26:09 EDT 2001

Possibly a bad coil or distributor cap, I've seen similar symptoms on
VW-like cars.


Burl Vibert
1987 5kcstq
Kingston, Ontario

GMBCHEF at wrote:
> To day i went to try to start her up. I put an old plug on a
> detached wire to
> check for spark. I cranked it over and nothing. Waited a sec, tried
> it again,
> and I saw spark. I connected the wire, car started up. Let it idle
> for  a
> while. Gave it some throttle, it wouldn't accept it, and eventually
> stalled.
> No spark again. Then spark. started it up, let it idle til fan came
> on, then
> turned it off. Then no spark again.
> Thoughts??
> Gary

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