quattro gearbox work

Duncan Thomson duncan at systemcontrols.co.nz
Tue Jun 19 09:31:43 EDT 2001

haven't done a quattro (yet...) but I did my coupe GT and theory is same on
all g'boxes... yes to do the synchros you have to pull and then _completely_
dismantle the g'box...
was quite a cool feeling to have the entire g'box out and dismantled into
it's smallest component parts...
not too technical though, good to have access to a press of some sort for
getting the gears off and on...
it was my 1st major operation and it was all relatively painless, did it
with a Haynes manual and managed to adlib all the parts it glossed over...
they are not comprehensive manuals, but what is there was very useful....

good luck...

I like my high revs... but the car is not a daily driver and any time I get
in it it's WOT right through to redline...


> anyone have any BTDT's on changing syncros on a 4kq...
> 3rd gear's syncros on my newly aquired 4kq is out..
> the rest of the gears work flawlessly and i'm running mt-90...
> i am assuming i have to pull the transmission as i have been told i have
> pull
> the mainshaft to do syncros...
> i would also like to re-gear 5th... 80mph @ 3200-3400 would be MUCH
> any BTDT's on either?
> TIA!
> rich
> '86 4kq

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