Shaving the MC-1 head ??

ed armstrong edshred2000 at
Mon Jun 18 14:54:11 EDT 2001

Thanks Tom,

I guess my response is that both the earlier KH and
later MC-2 turbo engines came with higher compression
(8.3 and 8.4:1 respectively), so certainly the bottom
end and rods can handle higher compression since these
engines are nearly indentical in this respect. 

The pistons and combustion cambers are obviously
different, and you don't want to take off to much
material and risk the pistons contacting the valves
....just collecting opinions here.


--- Tom Chudzinski <EPIFORM at> wrote:
> Hi
> My MC-1 head is at the machinists this week for a
> general refurbishing and I was wondering what the
> list
> opinions are regarding shaving the head to boost
> compression slightly.
> I've been told you can only shave the Audi head by
> 20-30 thousands of an inch. How much will this raise
> compression beyond the stock 7.8:1 ?  Is this a good
> thing to do or am I asking for trouble later??
> Thanks.
>  - ed
> ______________________________________________
> Ed:  When the engineers at Audi designed the MC-1
> engine(all their engines
> for that matter), they set the compression ratio at
> 7.8:1 for a reason.
> Their reasons are based on 1000's of hours of
> testing under every
> conceivable condition.  That is why the compression
> ratio is set where it
> is.  The head has specifications that clearly state
> the minimum allowable
> deck height.  If you want to change Audis specs, you
> will building a
> prototype and you will now be the test engineer.
> I'm not saying don't raise the compression, go ahead
> if you want to.  Just
> be prepared to find out what Audi did when they
> tried it!   Then again, it
> may function perfectly based on your driving style,
> available gasoline,  and
> location.
> Enjoy your cars!
> Tom Chudzinski

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