FS:98 a4 1.8q set up for track or fun street in pittsburgh area

Brian O'Neill briano_72 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 18 15:50:30 EDT 2001

a hair over 38k. we are 2nd owner. car has 993 front
calipers, a8q slotted frozen front rotors, cross
drilled rear rotors, all kinds of different pads, koni
shocks, abd springs, neuspeed front and rear bars, apr
chip, mille miglia spider 16 inch wheels, boost and
oil pressure guage (oil not hooked up yet), black with
fake black leather, sunroof, cd changer. car does have
a "r" title. girl that owned it bottomed it out one
night, pushed the motor into the hood, broke the
mounts, busted the oil pan. insurance company was too
scared with the oil pan, thinking the motor was bad,
so they totaled it and we bought it. we are a
bodyshop. the only bodywork the car needed was fix and
paint the hood and fix and paint the front bumper. the
motor had 11k on it when this happened and its been
running great ever since, it just needed a new pan.
the front nose of the car is being painted this week (
stone chips ) the paint work will have our lifetime
warranty. its getting 4 new tires this week too, bfg
kdw's. we may sell car without all the goodies if
someone wants it that way. i know this is long for the
list, but i didnt think enough people would see it on
the marketplace soon enough, because the boss wants to
do something this week, or i have to take all the
stuff off the car, and i hate working on the bosses
car for free !!!! 
$18k with everything, $16k with all stock stuff except
for chip and lowering springs. e-mail me off list if
                                         brian o'
93 90 cs
90 80
89 80
88 944 turbo s ( for sale )

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