How to sell a car

Jim Haseltine Jim at
Mon Jun 18 23:42:00 EDT 2001

How to sell a car -
Buy a tatty 83 CGT, bad paint job, broken exhaust studs, dinged panels, 4
different tyres, broken grille, swap the one good panel (bonnet) with an
Ur-q, run it into the ground for 12 months, no oil change, no servicing,
don't wash it then leave it in your parents driveway for another year.
This car has now got 4 flat tyres and is covered in moss and mildew.

In the past 3 months 4 people have offered to buy it.

I cannot understand why 'cos the only reason that I haven't taken it to a
breakers yet is that I want the doors and the glass for my 81 Ur.

Jim Haseltine

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