VW BeeTTle

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at maine.edu
Mon Jun 18 19:20:25 EDT 2001

On Monday 18 June 2001 15:00, Festively Jolly wrote:
> hey folks!  i was looking at some car mags and saw on the cover of VW
> Power a green  new beetle with the Audi rings on front.  i looked into
> it and i THINK they put an Audi tt engine in it (im not sure, im not
> familiar with the TT engine).  they also put the gas cap and lights on
> the car. along with a bunch of other parts.  kinda cool looking with the
> rings on it.  but i think it kinda degrades Audi as a luxury car maker.

That was actually the fornt end of a TT they grafted onto the beetle for some 
reason. They were just too lazy to swap the badges over afterwards. I think 
the thing is hideous, personally. Just doesn't look right....

'89 90q

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