connector part# needed

Tony Lum tlum at
Mon Jun 18 18:18:48 EDT 2001

Hi gang,

Does anybody happen to know the part number of the non-insulated .250 
female connector that's used in practically every connector shell?  These 
are the same as normal insulated quick disconnects with the exception of a 
little tab on the backside of the connector that locks the contact in the 
shell.  I could use hundreds of these for fabricating electrical 
stuff.  Tried the AMP catalogue, but none of their connectors have the tab.

On a separate note, has anyone retrofitted their Audi 100 (m.y. 1989-1991) 
with the trip computer option?  My Mom's new to her 100 Avant has every 
option in the book (including a Audi branded radar detector) but it doesn't 
have a trip computer!


- Tony
lots of I-5 Audis

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