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Oliver:  Did you ever get this problem resolved.  I am having a similar problem with my 5kcsq ... I have a new MM hose, a new breather hose, replaced all injector seals and injectors and after all of this the best I am able to get in boost is 1 bar except when I floor the accelerator and the engine takes a long time to get to 1.3 bar.  The car is very sluggish, and all the work seems to have made no difference at all in terms of performance.  All I am looking for is to get to stock performance.  

I also have a 90 200 TQW which does not handle as well as the 87 5kcsq sedan but has a significantly more responsive engine.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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  after discovering that the lower wastegate hose is limp and leaking, I replaced it .   
  was experiencing 1.2 bar boost with the leaking hose, when I replaced the hose just 1.0 bar.

  already replaced the michelin man hose, throttle switch, upper wastegate solenoid hose, correct plugs, new wires, 
  the temp gauge doesnt get high though I was thinking the multi temp sensor needs replacing, I just replace all the possible parts that needs replacing.
  any suggestions?, next step is the temp sensor, where can i find this? then the wastegate diap'

  Oliver M. Llenado

  Denver Colorado 80220

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